Thematic Panels


Thematic Panels

We are continuously enriching our connectologists' profile information. This procedure allows us to check the feasibility of specific projects, make accurate target pre-selections, while speeding up the process and cost-effectiveness.

Learn about some of the thematic panels developed:

Banks and Insurance

Learn what banks our connectologists have an account in, how many credit cards they have and how they manage their finances.

Shopping / retail

Learn about shopping habits, types of products and brands consumed.

Caring for the house and the family

Do you want to talk to mothers of children up to 15 years old, who go to the pharmacy once a month at least and go to the gym regularly?
We select the target you need for your project!

Travel and Leisure

Discover the profile of travelers and their tourism preferences and habits.


Do you want to know the level of satisfaction of owners of a certain car make? Do you want to map the habits of motorcycle owners? Our automotive panel has the answers.


What sports clothing stores people go to most often? Where do they buy electronic equipment? These and other pieces of information are available in the retail panel.

Public Opinion

Lifestyle, directions and preferences of the Brazilian people.


The use of smartphones, internet, tablets, computers... behavior patterns and communication habits...


We know which of our conectologists have pets and how they take care of them. We also know which type of animal food they buy, which brands, and much more.

Alcoholic Beverages

Which alcoholic beverages do our panel members drink, or not? Which brands do they prefer or dislike? All this information is available through our alcoholic beverages profiling.

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