We turn trustworthy data collection into a science we improve every day: the science of connectology.

We are connectology experts.

  1. We connect you to your target, regardless of where it is within the online world, and produce information so you can learn, improve, find answers, ideas and insights.

  2. We connect the marketing world to the research world innovatively, by means of unique digital solutions, turning the survey information into a digital marketing activity
    • Do you want to create a campaign on social networks? Engage the netizens in an online survey on relevant content and make your brand stand out and take ownership of the researched topic. Click here to learn more.
    • Do you need innovation? Try our online ideation and co-creation tools. Click here to learn more.
    • Do you need insights from consumers? Launch your campaign on our crowdsourcing platform and get a ranking of the best ideas. Click here to learn more.

  3. We integrate traditional techniques with innovative data collection solutions that ensure the connection between the results and your goals.

  4. We collect information from different channels and sources, so as to cover and connect all the contact points of your brand.

  5. Our surveys can be answered via any device: computers, tablets and smartphones.
    • We search for the best channel mix so we can connect to your target audience in the best possible way. We continuously invest in new meeting points, such as, for instance, Facebook and mobile apps, so that our 'connectologists' are able to share their opinions with convenience and pleasure.

  6. Through delivering reliable and valuable data, we connect your questions to answers and objectives to new strategies. After all conectology is the science of creating connections that lead to results.

Everything is connected!

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