Our distinctiveness


Our distinctiveness

Unique solutions

We have exclusive digital marketing technologies and solutions for online quantitative and qualitative research, adapted and customized to our clients' needs.

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Expertise in turning offline into online

We are specialized in taking the traditional research process to the online world and connecting you to your target in an innovative, interactive and flexible way.

More than simply conducting online research, we are involved with the results we produce.


Brazil is in our DNA since we inherited from IBOPE over 70 years of expertise in studying the Brazilian people. We have "deep" knowledge about the history, opinions and behavior patterns of the Brazilian population.

A multidisciplinary and multicultural team

Our team comprises professionals from different cultures and training, widening the view and the potential for establishing connections.

Involved connectologists

CONECTA is involved with its results. And so are our connectologists, as we call our panelists. When we connect to them, we find the answers we are looking for, with honesty and commitment. We focus on keeping a community of involved people, who, just like us, believe that opinion and ideas have the power to transform the world.

Multichannel connection

We connect to your target, regardless what online environment it is: in our panel of CONECTAí 'connectologists', on your website, in your CRM database, on social networks or any other location in the online world.

We speak the netizens' language and we make your connection to them as easy as possible, so they can share their opinions.

So, our surveys can be answered via any device: computers, tablets and smartphones.

We search for the best channel mix so we can meet and surpass our clients' needs. We continuously invest in new meeting points, such as, for instance, Facebook and mobile apps, so our 'connectologists' are able to share their opinions with increased convenience and pleasure.

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