Apart from collecting the data you need, you will be engaging your target by creating a pleasant experience and visibility for your brand.

The iProfile idea is to develop the participant's profile related to a certain topic and let it be compared to other segments.

For instance, if the research's topic is travelling, the tool will return to the participants their travelling profiles according to their answers to the research. Next, the participants can compare their profile with that of the average population or any other predefined target (young people, men, people form the Northeastern region, etc.) and with VIPs or Facebook friends as well.

So, apart from collecting the research results you need, you will be creating an interactive experience between your target and your brand.

  • Broadening the online brand perception in an innovative and interactive way.
  • Using technology in favor of online marketing, lead creation and research 'NextGen' concept.
  • Prompting participation by means of a questionnaire that is relevant and fun at the same time.
  • Increasing and qualifying your CRM database.
  • Producing traffic on your website.
  • Promoting a campaign that is able to attract the general public and produce new online traffic.
  • Offering instant gratification to your target by giving instant feedback about its profile.
  • Interacting with consumers, by allowing them to see benchmarks and statistics instantly, compare their opinions with that of VIPs, celebrities, the average national population or demographic segments of the population, Facebook friends, etc.
  • It prompts viral spreading with sharing in the social media.
  • Traditional research results via an innovative way of conducting surveys.
  • Interaction with the participants by returning their profiles.
  • The possibility of comparing profiles with different segments, aside from being fun, creates greater involvement from the consumers.
  • The surveys turn into interactive campaigns, creating visibility for the brand and the perception of innovation.
  • It attracts the media and creates ‘buzz’.
  • Apart from the results of the campaign itself, the tool qualifies and segments the CRM contact database.
  • It produces traffic on the website, clicks, views, leads.
  • The campaign's portability prompts viral spreading with sharing in social media.

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