It is an exclusive closed community for probing and co-creating purposes that include only people with predetermined profiles, who are related to the topic of interest.

It is an online Forum with up to 30 participants, directly conducted by the client for a longer period of time defined according to the goal.

It is for testing concepts, prompting ideas, creating innovation insights with the outside and inside target or any stakeholder group. It requires the client's involvement so the learning and co-creative processes are effective.

Imagine a social network like a small scale Facebook, but one you are in charge of: you decide who can participate (predetermined profile), the topics the participants will discuss, for how long (1 week, 1 month?).

So the final goals are met, you can establish tasks, roles and responsibilities, and interactions among the participants.

Building it is a collaborative process to the extent that the participants interact in discussions and share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. They can also post their own questions to induce more enriching discussions.

In short: co-creation in its purest form. That is what a closed research community allows you to do.

  • Direct connection between the client and its consumers within an exclusive and closed online community
  • For testing concepts, prompting ideas, creating innovation insights with the outside and inside target or stakeholder group
  • Ongoing daily discussion forum, where the client proposes the topic, tasks, roles and responsibilities.
  • Innovative research design
  • Collective brainstorming resulting in co-creation
  • Tangible and actionable results
  • Deeper connections and understanding of their consumers
  • Involvement, the consumers will become your brand's defenders
  • Recommended:
    • Share links, images and videos for enriching the discussion and prompting feedback
    • Integrate polls and questionnaires for inserting a quantitative angle
    • Publish the content produced, return information to the participants, show the poll results, share photos, etc.
    • Organize online events, calendars and spread news and RSS feeds
    • Allow comments to Blogs from the participants
    • Turn the participants into researchers

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