iFOCUS preserves the advantage of offline qualitative market research while adding interactive value.

  • Benefit from an easy-to-use online focus group and IDI web-based application
  • Enjoy a researcher-friendly designed back-office
  • Access a unique-in-the-market set-up process: option of separate fieldwork versus research login and built-in multiple verification mechanisms
  • Use an advanced multi-level interview guide can easily be used by moderators while interviewing
  • Observe sessions real-time from anywhere and send instant moderator instructions
  • Access a complete set of moderator tools – interview guide, white board, projective techniques, stimuli, and time management tools
  • Private message participants to stimulate participation or ask probing questions
  • Integrate all your offline and online qualitative research projects via one user-friendly platform with separate user roles
  • Enjoy the flexibility of no geographical limitation: log in from anywhere in the world to conduct sessions and view real time activity amongst other features
  • Benefit from top-of-the-line customer support at your discretion from the professional and experienced CONECTA team members
  • Have the certainty of participant attendance through CONECTA’s multi-tiered online access panel.
  • Bias of socially acceptable answers is avoided: simultaneous typing and expressing your unique entries via the online platform eliminates the overall influencer affect
  • Time and cost savings – no transportation costs or booking of meeting rooms
  • Through the added value of the latest interactive technology, consumers are engaged in appealing ways that generate greater response

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