Video | CONECTA was present in youPIX Festival 2013

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CONECTA, IBOPE Media and youPIX teamed up to unveil the behavior of the young digital Brazilian. This audience is the embodiment of multitasking. In the daily routine, balancing work, study and family, without forgetting the fun. The internet is an important support in this routine, which is used as a platform for media, information, shopping, entertainment and interaction.

The increasing connectivity leads young people to a level of participation never beyond imagination. The characters in this new story interact, produce content, intervene and opine with much more vigor and speed on facts and events. But within this universe, there are myths and distinctions: from the "early adopters" to "trend followers", each group of the 9 million young Internet uses has its own behavior and set of different ideals.

What defines each? Check out the video with unique insights on how the young digital Brazilian behaves:

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