CONECTA participated in the ProXXIma 2013 congress.

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This is the biggest congress in the area of online marketing in Brasil.

All big media players as well as many provider of online communication and other solutions were present on this congress, as well as many companies in the products and services industry.

So what have we learned from this congress? Here some of our main conclusions:

  • Marketing has become a job stat starts with concept elaboration, manufacturing … and ends with delivery of the product or service to the end client. It’s not just an isolated domain, every part of the process involves pleasing the client, and if your marketing departments do not realize that, in the end your marketing will fail because the client will probably not be 100% happy. Marketing should look at and be present in every stage of the process of delivering value to your clients.
  • Marketing professional are aware of the fact that online and digital is the way forward. Traditional and print will not disappear for numerous reasons however digital becomes ever more important, also in Brasil. The digital market players are looking for a solid positioning and their place in the market. Behind the scenes there are some battles being fought between traditional / offline and online.
  • Innovation in the online sphere is very present with many startup companies, some of which bring very simple yet very useful innovation
  • The digital world seems to have as a primary function making everything more easy, and especially when talking to consumers that is very important… and has as a big side effect that it brings numerous new ways of involving your clients and letting them think with you. Co-creation is the name of the game, which is something we at CONECTA have been evangelizing for some time now…
  • As investments in infrastructure are bound to increase access to internet to a much broader part of the Brazilian population, the online movement is definitely going to be reinforced the next years.
  • The amount of data and analysis possibilities continuously increase so companies will more and more be able to model every decision making as technology only moves forward. However it takes knowledge and experience to connect to your target audience and the right information in order to generate insights that lead to results.
  • You have to talk to your consumer where he can or wants to be reached if you really want to interact…
    - Applications
    - Social media
    - Mobile
  • You need to truly connect to your customer or any target audience that is important for you in order to get results (at CONECTA we do this via our CONECTOLOGY solutions).
    It’s a bout communicating the right things in the right way through the right channels. Omnichannel is important.
  • As companies are just starting to explore this online and digital world they have a big need on getting to know their digital consumer and who he/she is. Also, even before that they have the need to know how to contact them … often not even having emails of these people. some of the critical elements that worries marketing and online marketing managers are:
    - Lead generation
    - Traffic generation
    - Client retention
    - Increasing conversion rates
    - Luckily at CONECTA we have the perfect solutions for this…
  • E commerce is big.
  • Social media stays strong and a challenge for marketeers and researchers…
  • MOBILE is hot… Smartphones are changing the way we deal with … basically everything.
  • Internet is more important than television, especially now that tablets are becoming more and more wide-spread.

These are just some of the insights we have gathered, for more please visit the website of ProXXIMA.

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